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Upside-Down Ads Reveal The Subtlety Of Depression

Singapore-based suicide prevention organisation Samaritans of Singapore recently ran a series of ads which cleverly uses ambigrams to highlight the difficulty in understanding and identifying depression. The print ads feature images showing a positive message.

However, when the ad is inverted, a sadder, more depressing message is revealed.

The advertisement’s tagline “The signs are there if you read them” is printed upside-down so that readers will know to flip the ads over.

It also reinforces the message that it is easy to miss the warning signs of depression.



Oliver Scott Sykes. The story behind this photo is nothing crazy but I feel is unique. Unlike most of the previous photos i have taken and posted, this one is a bit different because I’ve never met Oli. I usually have been on the same tour with everyone I’ve photographed holding the #suicide sign if not at least walked by each other and said hi, This was not the case with this fellow. Until today Oli was like a mythical creature from a land far away. He was someone I heard about and saw pictures of but never had solid proof of his existence. Anyway long story short today I met Oli. Without much of an introduction I approached him and said “hey man my name is Carlos and I have this project where I take photos of someone kids look up to in hopes to motivate them towards a positive future, mind if I take a photo of you holding this sign I made”. Without much hesitation he stood up from his chair and said “sure thing”. I took the photo, said thanks and right after he extended his hand to shake mine and said “Oli nice to me you”. The entire thing happened in under 2 minutes. Aside from this small talk I don’t know much about Oli but I do know actions speak louder than words. Thanks for showing humility and respect to a funny looking stranger bud, ill catch you around.

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